Different lives from one day to the next

It’s funny sometimes how different things are from one day to the next. Tuesday felt so much like my old life. I went to rehearsal, I went home, I did the dishes, I made my lunch, I walked the dog, (I woke Curtis up to come upstairs), I went to bed. Then yesterday… yesterday was a good day… I won yesterday. I stayed home sick (hoping it’s just a bad cold) and the kids got off the bus… and they listened, they were really good, which is extra good because I did not have the energy to fight with them. But the most wonderful thing happened… both Reegan and Taitum wanted me to read to them. And that’s not totally unusual, but I needed that yesterday. And I have to admit that there was a little bit of satisfaction that it’s because Daddy always falls asleep (because that drives me nuts). I’m never going to be the most fun, I’m never going to be their mom… but I want them to know they can count on me. That felt like a win to me. Even being sick… it was a good day. Today is D-Day for us… today is the day we’re supposed to decide our future. We’re supposed to decide if we’re on the same page about having more kids. We’re not going to have that conversation until after we go away this weekend, but on the heels of such a good day, it’s crazy to think that it’s actually all very precarious. One thing I’ve learned in my time is a step-parent is to appreciate the good days. So that’s future Katrina’s problem. Today is a good day.


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