Simple Pleasures

After a day like yesterday, we found time for a nice family dinner and that made it all feel so much better. The kids were totally themselves and Reegan wants his turn to come to rehearsal with me on Sunday. That warms my heart. Reegan moved to sit next to me so I could help him colour and we had a really nice supper. While I was a little late for rehearsal, it was totally worth it. To add to the drama of the day, Kim clearly told the kids that their father is trying to change them. Nolan asked Curtis why they had to change dentists. They have verbiage built into their agreement to try and prevent them from having such adult (and negative) conversations with the kids… how do you make her stick to it? It’s definitely an on-going battle with her to make her follow their agreement as, to date, there have been no repercussions for any misbehaviour. So we can either give in, or batten down the hatches. And I can’t make Curtis do what I would do (Good advice that I received) and there’s nothing saying what I would do is even the right call. Sigh… we’re in the thick of it now.


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