Timing is everything

We have almost nothing planned this weekend. There’s a hockey tournament in town that cancelled all games at the arena. A hockey away game and rehearsal on Sunday, but a Friday night and a Saturday to do family things. I’m really looking forward to it. We’re going to put up the Christmas tree and Christmas lights, build the ice rink, bake cookies. I’m almost not grinchy about the winter/holiday season.

I actually had hopes that we could maybe trade Saturdays with their mom since we had nothing planned and next weekend is a slammed hockey weekend, but things are still, unfortunately, not great with Kim. I’m going to enjoy the time we have, anyway.

This is the boys’ Saturday next weekend.

8:30-9:20 – Nolan Hockey

9:30-9:50 – Nolan Hockey Photos

10:30-11:20 – Reegan Hockey

11:30-11:50 – Reegan Hockey Photos

12:10-12:30 – Taitum Hockey Photos

12:35-13:35 – Taitum Hockey

And they won’t be able to do any of it. Because they’re with their mom and she refuses to spend her time with the boys at the arena and letting Curtis take them as that would be more time with him. The boys want to get hockey pictures done. They want to play. If pictures weren’t scheduled on a day where they have hockey there’s the slightest chance she would have taken them. She took them last year, while telling them they weren’t allowed to talk to us.

I changed the time of the kids show that Curtis and I will be going to see so we could possibly last-minute pull this one out, but I don’t have high hopes. I suspect he won’t even ask her after the drama of this week. The worst part is that I WROTE this show with my friends and it’s on the wrong weekend so there’s no way I can swing that, either. I wrote a kids show and our kids won’t be able to see it. When I changed the tickets to Friday night, I told the woman it was for hockey pictures. She was talking to me strange and I realized that was it. I wrote a kids show and I’m not taking the kids… It’s complicated, lady! I suppose being without the boys has made it easier to plan the baseball Christmas party that night, but it’s so disheartening for everything else. I would so much rather the trouble of finding a babysitter. Oh, to have full parent problems.

All summer we dealt with things that they missed while on her time. They missed more than half of their baseball games because the timing didn’t work in our favour. If I could wish for one thing, I wish the kids activities could come first. And that there could be some conversation when things fall on the wrong day. I’m not sure they’ll ever get there.

These are the times where I’m extremely conscious of being a step-parent.


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