I am feeling so helpless

Reegan had his Christmas concert tonight. My relief from Kim not being there when I went to the daytime concert has turned into anger and agony tonight. I WISH I had been there with her, maybe I could have done something. Curtis said he ended up sitting next to them, accidentally. He initially said the kids weren’t there then told me “Nolan was walking around the school and she wouldn’t let Taitum down. He only looked at me a couple times. Hugged Mike and sat with him. That really hurt”

Ugh. I wish there was some way to make that better. And the mature, wonderful man he is, he hurts, but he takes it in stride saying “I just smiled. I guess he knew I was there that’s about all I can do” and “Katrina it’s life he has a stepdad just like the boys have a stepmom”. I wish I was there to even hug him right now. He deserves better than that, and there’s no way for me to fix that for him. My heart aches for him and for those boys who get put in the middle by the person who is supposed to be protecting them. 


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