No one is alone

I feel a little better. Funny how a kid throwing up and asking you to rub their back makes you feel like a parent. First vomit experience, btw. It was…gross, lol. Poor Taitum. It’s another helpless feeling when you can’t help stop a kid from throwing up. It’s funny, the thought did enter my mind that he was faking a tummy ache when he didn’t want to eat dinner (it’s a somewhat frequent occurrence in our house), but I did actually believe that this time was for real because he had been saying that all day. I’m glad I didn’t try to force him to eat supper. And I can’t really complain, Curtis did all the heavy lifting. I was on washing machine duty… crap, I think those sheets are still in the wash… Dammit.

The lawyer got back to us and said, basically, that there is nothing we can do. So Kim gets to go on being her awesome self and we have no recourse but for Curtis to call the doctors and dentists and the school and find out what’s happened behind our back that we’ve not been told about and to remind them that it’s 50/50 custody. And somehow she’s spun it to make Curtis look bad. She just gets to keep on lying and no one will stop her.

I also had a really good chat with a friend this morning who said that all parents go through many of the things we go through (even when they’re not divorced – without all the custody stuff). I’m not just saying that because she’s pretty much the only one who reads this… but it made me feel better, not so alone. So thank you, my friend xo. 2017 has been a rough year so far and it makes me both sad and relieved to know that someone else understands.



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