When we don’t have the kids

When we don’t have the kids, in some ways, it’s easier… we (finally) took down the Christmas stuff and cleaned up the chaos and we managed to get out to see friends of mine back home yesterday. Although we would have loved to have brought the kids, they would have all had hockey and it probably wouldn’t have worked. I wouldn’t trade that time with the kids, but it is easier to do stuff. 

When we don’t have the kids, I find things like this to remember fondly that time when they ran out of arrows and started fighting over the guns. 

When we don’t have the kids, we don’t take care of ourselves so well. This is an actual shot of my fridge this morning. In order to afford to feed the kids all the extra things they like, we pare back when they’re not here. This is a little ridiculous. We don’t really eat out, either. We just make do.

I miss them this morning and I worry about that poison their mom is feeding them about us. And there is nothing I can do. So I do their laundry so it’s fresh when they get here on Tuesday and I go about my day. Our crazy double life.


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