Looking for Baggage that Goes with Mine

A bit of a personal post instead of being about the kids… a good friend of mine ended up in a similar situation to where I am – her boyfriend has kids and some ex baggage but, instead of more kids being the issue, it is buying a house together (instead of her paying him rent) and getting married that was tearing them apart. She was ready to walk away and he was ready to let her. And my heart broke for her because I understand the feeling of having to be able to fight for the things you need in this world and I admired her courage for being willing to sacrifice everything to get there. I was also grateful that Curtis is willing to admit to and to try and work on his issues. And then a funny thing happened, faced with the thought of losing her… he changed his mind and they are going to look for a house to buy together and build their life together. Just like that… and I thought to myself… Yes, Curtis is trying to work on things (for which I am eternally grateful), but when I was ready to walk away and he was ready to let me… Losing me wasn’t enough to change his mind. And, on the other hand, she also gives me hope that my happy ending isn’t totally lost. It could still happen for me, too. He is working on his ex baggage. Sometimes the good ones will step up and make the right choice. 


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